Adolescents, Individuals & Families

For teenagers coping with depression or anxiety, Switzer Family Services Clinic provides cognitive-behavioral adolescent groups. Based upon evidence-based practices, parents of teens coping with depression or anxiety also participate in separete group therapy sessions.


Children and adolescents who are awkward with or teased by peers will improve communicaion skills, working with others, and friendship skills in either teens or high functioining autism groups with parallel but separate parent traing groups.


Parents struggling with parenting "tweens" or "teens" can learn active parenting in groups focusing on bullying, responsibility;, communicaiton, cooperation, and  postiive discipline, plus drug prevention and teen sexuality for teen parent groups.


Individual child, adolescent and adult therapy, plus family therapy is available.


People wanting an assessment of cognition, behavior, brain functioning, intellect, memory, dyslexia, attention, behavior or mental health can obtain neuropsychological and psycho-educational evaluations which may assist with obtaining modifications or accomodations in school or work.  

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