Family Services Clinic

Family Services Clinic at Switzer Learning Center Provides:


Testing and Assessments

Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Provides a comprehensive assessment of cognition, behavior, and brain functioning

  • Identifies specific attention, memory, and learning disabilities

  • Determines impact of brain injuries and diseases

  • Determines strengths, challenges, and potential; and develops interventions

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

  • Includes psychological and educational testing of child development and learning styles

  • Evaluation of academic strengths and weakness.

  • Assesses intellectual skills, memory, dyslexia, attention, behavior, and mental health issues

Speech and Language Services

  • Speech and language testing and evaluations

  • Speech and language therapy

  • Licensed speech and language pathologist


​Psychotherapy and Counseling

Child, Teen, and Family Therapy

  • Individual therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Licensed Psychologists and School Psychologists

  • Day and evening appointments available

Group Therapy

Coping with Depression Groups

  • 13 to 17 years old

  • Teens participate in sixteen 2-hour sessions

  • Parents participate in eight 2-hour sessions

  • Group leaders trained in evidence-based treatment

Coping with Anxiety Groups

  • Teens participate in fourteen 1-hour sessions

  • Parents participate in two 1-hour sessions

  • Group leaders trained in evidence-based treatment

Social Skills Groups

  • Helps children and adolescents who are awkward with or teased by peers

  • Improves communication, working with others, and friendship skills

  • Teens participate in twelve 1-hour sessions

  • High Functioning Autism students participate in fifteen 1-hour sessions

  • Parents participate in ten 1-hour sessions

  • Group leaders trained in evidence-based treatment

Active Parenting Groups

  • Groups available for parents of

    • Tweens – 5 to 12 years old

    • Teens – 13 to 17 years old

  • Six weekly 1½-hour groups

  • Research supported evidence-based interventions

  • Life changing approaches for dealing with bullying, communication, positive discipline, responsibility, drug prevention (teen group only), and teen sexuality (teen group only)

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