Positive Reinforcement

Often students with multiple disabilities have difficulty dealing with and expressing frustration, anger and negative feelings.  Those with cognitive deficits may have difficulty processing information and making appropriate behavioral choices.  Our goal is to teach these students the skills necessary to problem solve and make appropriate decisions that will help them succeed academically, and behaviorally, and socially.

To positively reinforce good choices, a school-wide behavioral program utilizing a point system enables  students to earn points and gain greater levels of privilege.  Points can be earned each class period or lost for following directions, appropriate language and behavior, academic effort, individual goals, and readiness for class work. Earning a set amount of points raises students to higher behavior levels and greater rewards.  Students on the highest behavior levels are treated to school parties, time in the school clubhouse, and special off-campus activities and fieldtrips.Our students work hard to earn the extra privileges that come with additional points.

An excellent attendance incentive program rewards students with one excused or no absences for the monthly basis with a full hot breakfast cooked by staff.  At the end of the semester, students get raffle tickets for each week of perfect attendance which are used to win raffle prizes such as bicycles, televisions, musical instruments, gaming systems, ipads, gift cards, clothes, toys, and more.  Our students maintain an average daily attendance rate of about 90%, which is excellent for any school, and truly exceptional for a special education population.

During assemblies and at our graduation ceremony, students receive awards, trophies, cash prizes, and scholarships  such as the:

  • Chuck Ruffin Citizenship Award

  • Mildred Walker Achievement Award

  • Aaron Manley Memorial Arts Scholarship

  • Joan Moe Memorial Community Service Scholarship

  • Bob Meistrell Memorial Inspirational Values Scholarship

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