Students With Learning Challenges

Switzer students range from third graders to young adults up to 22 years of age and come from over a dozen different school districts in the Los Angeles South Bay area.  They have struggled educationally, emotionally, and behaviorally, and were referred to Switzer Learning Center to give them the special attention they needed to succeed against seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

Our students represent many different ethnic, racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, medical condition, and disability groups, We value cultural, individual, and role differences, and respect each student’s learning style, abilities, unique needs, and life experiences.  Although most of our students have identifiable learning or emotional disorders, some have faced many additional crises in their young lives. Some 25% of our students live below the poverty level, and about 40% reside in group or foster homes or in kinship care.  Some have experienced physical or emotional abuse, while gangs, substance abuse, and the juvenile justice system have confronted others.  In spite of these additional challenges, each student has the opportunity to start fresh at Switzer Learning Center and to turn their barriers into stepping-stones to success. 

We are proud of our students and dedicate a portion of this website to their accomplishments.  Please see our Star Students or Students' Stories to learn more about our amazing students.

Thank you for visiting the Switzer Learning Center website, and giving us the opportunity to share  our mission of “Nurturing challenged kids to believe, achieve, and thrive!”


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