What We Do

Switzer Learning Center is a nonprofit special education school with therapeutic services and a family services clinic serving students from 3rd grade  to 22 years of age who have moderate to severe learning disabilities, emotional issues, attention problems, and behavioral disorders.  Our classrooms are limited to only 12 students for every credentialed special education teacher and instructional aide.  Our enrollment is approximately 100 students with a maximum enrollment of 120 students. 

Unlike many private schools, Switzer Learning Center’s staff members’ credentials/licenses, state-adopted standards based core curriculum, course of study, and graduation requirements are identical to those in public schools.  Typically, our students are referred from the home school district when they have been unsuccessful in a traditional public school program.  Each special education student then receives an Individual Education Plan (IEP). If their IEP team recommends nonpublic school placement, the student may be referred to Switzer Learning Center for their free and appropriate public education.  If the referred student is enrolled under a contract between the Center and the school district, the school district pays established rates towards the student’s education services.  Some private pay students elect to attend Switzer Learning Center when families decide that Switzer is the best school for their child.

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