Earn money for your school. Let’s start clipping!

Here is an easy way to help our school

Start clipping Box Tops for education. You probably have a pantry full of them already, or even in your fridge. For every Box Top you clip we receive ten cents. Schools can receive up to $20,000 per school year. Imagine what Switzer could do with your help!

Look for the pink Box Top on hundreds of participating products. It only takes 4 easy steps.

1. BUY your favorite Box Tops products.
2. CUT out the Box Top from each product.
3. SEND or DROP OFF your Box Tops to your school.
4. YOUR SCHOOL GET CASH for every Box Top collected to help buy thethings it needs most. All these Box Tops really add up!

Sign up for eBox Tops!

Just like regular Box Tops, eBox Tops are each worth 10¢ for our school. The only difference is that you earn them online, so there is no need to clip them or send them to school. eBox Tops earnings are automatically credited to our school. Make sure you sign up to support Switzer Learning Center!

Sign-up today!

Shop at stores like Target, Toy’s R Us, Walmart and much more!

Go to BTFE.com/marketplace to see a full list of participating stores.

We really can’t say enough- so we’ll say it again here. Thank you. We have the best group of members and supporters that we could ask for, and it’s because of you that our students continue to thrive.