Switzer Learning Center welcomes your contributions to support our mission to give special-needs children a chance to learn and become contributing members of society.

We are most grateful for your contributions given to the Center at any time during the year.  Your monetary contribution is tax deductible, and a letter recognizing your contribution will be sent to you so you can use it for tax purposes.  Make an on-line contribution to Switzer Learning Center now with our Pay Pal gift page.

Tribute gifts are an excellent way to honor or memorialize someone special.  Recognize a loved one or best friend on a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a day special to that individual.  Switzer Learning Center recognizes tribute gifts by sending a letter to the honoree or their representative, and in regular communications with donors and constituents.  Click here to make an on-line tribute gift to Switzer Learning Center on our Pay Pal gift page.

Bequests and planned gifts are excellent means of making a difference after you are gone.  Many of us fail to write a will, and our estates, whether modest or substantial, are then administered by the state.  Without a will, your interests and the interests of your family and the charities you support will not be honored, and your assets are at risk for being taken over by the state.  If you would like a referral to an estate planner, contact Beth MacAller at 310-328-3611 x333  for the names of attorneys and estate planning experts who have worked with Switzer Learning Center in the past.

Stock, IRA, or investment transfers to Switzer Learning Center may be a way of contributing to the Center without impacting your cash on hand.  Contact Beth MacAller at 310-328-3611 x333 for a referral to a wealth planner who can assist you with a transfer of stock to the Center.

Scholarships for graduates are a way of making a directed gift to the Center’s graduating seniors.  Each graduate from Switzer Learning Center receives a $1,000 scholarship to college or vocational training programs after graduation.  Every penny of scholarship contributions support Switzer Learning Center graduates in continuing their education.  Click here to sponsor a scholarship via a Pay Pal contribution to Switzer Learning Center.

Project or event sponsorships are a unique way of supporting Switzer Learning Center. Contact Beth MacAller at 310-328-3611 x333 to discuss your interest in sponsoring a project or event and the recognition packages available to you. Click here to make an on-line contribution on Switzer Learning Center’s Pay Pal gift page.