It’s natural to have many questions about the school your child will be attending. Below is a list of common questions that arise from parents.

Are staff licensed/credentialed?

Yes! Switzer School is a California state certified nonpublic school, and therefore has the licensed or credentials required by the State.

How will you manage my child's disruptive behavior?

This is addressed on an individual basis in the context of: a therapeutic school, with a point/level school-wide behavior system, staff formally trained and certified in behavioral de-escalation strategies, and supported by a licensed mental health staff member.

What is your homework policy?

Homework in given in at least academic 2 subjects Monday through Thursday.

How will you address my child's academics?

This is individualized in the context of your child’s IEP, and also within the context of the California core curriculum.

How quickly can my child return to public school?

This depends upon your child’s progress, which includes: attendance, behavior, and school involvement.

We understand that you may have additional questions. Please contact our center at 310-328-3611 to receive further assistance.