Enrichment Classes

In this era of public school cut backs, many elective classes that enrich a student’s educational experience have been eliminated.  Switzer Learning Center recognizes the importance of these elective classes and has a wide array of courses that include:

  • Home Economics
  • Art
  • Music Appreciation
  • Student Leadership
  • Computer Repair
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Computer Graphics
  • Sewing

Technical Arts/Vocational Training Classes

Students in our Music Production course learn to use Native Instrument’s Maschine software and M Box professional recording software used by music producers to record beats.  They also use professional drum machines, Prot Tools Record software for recording vocals, and instrumental music, and Reason software for professional editing and recording of music tracks.  The Mechanics and Welding class teaches students to use basic hand and power tools, as well as the science and hands on practice for beginning flex wire welding.

At age 16, students who do not have access to district occupational centers are eligible to attend the Southern California Regional Occupation Center (SCROC) for formal vocational training in an area of interest for which they attain high school class credit.

Extracurricular Activities

Our extracurricular activities provide students with an opportunity to interact with one another in more social environments to learn such things as:

  • Rhythm with Blues, and Salsa Rueda – dancing
  • Music Production – creating music from DJ to music producer
  • Switzer News – weekly video news programming
  • Strategies Club – strategy board games and competitions
  • Diva Fitness – aerobics for Switzer’s own divas
  • Comedy Club – comedy writing and performance