Phoenix Challenge

With Jerry and Carol Marcil leading this action by matching every donation dollar for dollar, Switzer can burn its mortgage by June 30th!


Like the Phoenix known for triumphantly rising from its ashes, so will Switzer as its burned mortgage will be huge savings to fund new programs and improved services, out of which will emerge reborn hope and opportunities for many more special needs students to achieve success.


How will Switzer benefit?

  • More funds to support additional services and programs for students, leading to more student successes!
  • More funds to retain and recruit high quality staff with competitive wages and benefits
  • A savings of $138,000 annually over 18 years
  • A 7% per annum return in an endowment
  • A debt free legacy for the next generation!

Why burn the mortgage?
Achieving the goal will allow Switzer to invest the money saved ($138,000 annually) into educational programs and services to educate more students with special needs.
Switzer has been “nurturing students of all abilities to believe, achieve, and thrive” for more than 53 years. Completing the Phoenix Challenge will allow us boost up countless more students at high-risk of school failure and send them on new pathways to success and becoming contributing members of our society.

How can you help?
Contact Switzer and let them know you want to be part of the Phoenix legacy with a tax-deductible gift!
Development Director Beth MacAller: 310-328-3611 or [email protected]
Jerry and Carol Marcil will be matching your gifts dollar for dollar until we reach our $1.95 million total.
Thanks to their match, your gift will count twice!